Beautifully Wrapped Gifts

Packaging is a beautiful thing. We make every day. I mean we put on. Times classic and then in the evening sexy weekend comfortable look. It’s packed with gifts. Below you will find a small selection of beautifully packaged gifts.You should be a little inspiration.

  1. Wrapping paper, twine, button plus a cut out heart-cheap, but effective!Seen in  25.
  2. Doily paper on German pie top has a beautifully on a simple wrapping paper.Definitely like the romantics among us.Found at roomremixblog.
  3. It has me another example so well-liked, so equal.Found at Flickr design. mein.
    Also paper cuttings are suitable for this technique. You need only paper, scissors and a little creativity.
  4. To use the good old Washi tape or Japanese paper tape here in the form of a Christmas bauble Garland.More how-to tips on nicepackageblog.
  5. Perhaps you have still remaining papers scrapbooking or fabric scraps.Cute cut and sew with the sewing machine about half a centimeter inside trappings.Decorated each old wrapping paper. Seen on Flickr lockette.
  6. I think everyone has made such PomPoms from wool thread once in the hand work hour.Can be found even on gifts. Discovered on Flickr smile and wave.
  7. Stylish gifts in the colours anthracite, grey and blue.Decorated with letters, pine cone or Christmas baubles. Seen at Bobedre.

Here, I have discovered even an ecological gift packaging. To the share offer to attract or to the decorating… the Japanese packaging art of furoshiki seen at vimeo. Idea by recyclenow.