Also Will You Fall on The Fashion to Wear a Blue “Manolo” in Your Wedding? Try Other Alternatives!

I know that Carrie Bradshaw has marked a before and an after in the world, is clear that everything he touched turned it into gold and everything he wore turned it in “bestseller”. I am the first that I admire their outfits in the series and in the films and almost always at parties and red carpet posing as Sarah Jessica Parker already, but what is also clear is that when something becomes routine, you need to change it.

Hangisi, the shoe is the name of Manolo Blahnik that it has become the dream of many of the brides of the world. Sarah Jessica Parker put it fashionable in your wedding civil in the film “Sexo en Nueva York” and since there is no wedding that boasts that it do not step on your wedding day with a few spectacular “Manolos”. And as if it wasn’t enough came Olivia Palermo and also chose this model of shoe for your wedding day. What else could happen to overcrowd this trend?

I fully understand the connection that you have many with the role of Ohio actress starring in “Sexo en Nueva York” and you want to wear these shoes on your wedding day but stopping to think a bit. Manolo Blahnik Hangisi model has become its best-selling model so the color palette has been multiplying by moments. Have not you thought you choose green or pink bat? So call much more attention on your wedding day, you will be much more original and above all obey the dream of that model of “Manolo”.

Now well, wouldn’t it be best to seek your own shoe? I think the ideal on your wedding day is that it becomes a special and unique day so I think precisely that search a different shoe and only is something fundamental. Researches on the firms that you fall in love or perhaps few times you preach to them and this model becomes the model for your wedding. Never have you raised you take these Sandals Jimmy Choo have you been seeing at the Oscars every year? And that Charlotte Olympia that you think you’ll never buy for being too special? It is clear that in my opinion is more consistent (provided they can refuse to become Carrie for a few minutes). I leave you with a selection of different wedding shoes.

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