A Picnic Feast As a Perfect Summer Wedding

Soon is the wedding of the year 2015 at the door. For this we show you a wonderful and unique summer wedding to get into the mood. Of course, this is best paraphrased from images. Nevertheless, I would like to enumerate some matching attributes-cheerful, casual, summery, down-to-Earth, romantic and totally relaxed! Is it not primarily the latter, what should be a wedding? A relaxed, happy family celebration? In the pictures, I can see a natural dose of perfection that has to bring a bride or a groom not to the mind. Maybe even a good last attachment to the future bride and groom?

Now, get inspired in the year 2015 to celebrate. This gorgeous wedding from Helena and novel got the talented Laura Vercellone before the lens.

The best moment for you on the day of the wedding?
Our wedding day was beautiful moments. 🙂 The moment as Helena which entered the Church and our wedding promise videos was certainly the most emotional.
A very special moment was when we were Rowing as a surprise with a rowing boat on the Pfäffikersee out and have enjoyed just some moments for two. It was very relaxing.

What moment was at its worst during the wedding planning and what guess her future couples?
The tension, if weather or not be beautiful. We had booked two different locations and had to choose a few days before the wedding, whether we celebrate indoors or outdoors. We opted for outside and the tension increased hourly, but the weather was finally perfect!

What DIY Tip can you give our readers?
Our whole wedding was DIY, from the banners on the signage, décor, and the Organization of the picnic paraphernalia. So everything was exactly as in our imagination.
My tip to: Fitness, good, creative, helping hands of family and friends!

Again, what would you do?
Afterthought: everything!
During the planning and organization, we wondered often why we should worry it not easier and should simply be celebrating in a restaurant.Fortunately, we have but held on to our ideas.

And what no longer or change?
After the live band, all our guests have danced left out of, no longer so good fit in our playlist. It would be worth if someone as a DJ would have been responsible and had adapted to the music of the mood of the guests.

Photographer: Laura Vercellone
Wedding dress: Claire Pettibone
Shoes: Monsieur Dubois
Jewelry: bits & bobs
Groom: tailor-made suit by Pinstripe
Rings: Individual manufacture of Michaela Romans
Hair: Carmen by Sunami
Make-Up: own creation
Florist: Bouquet and Garland-Florian of flowers at the Stauffacher. Flower demonstration by Zahara Oberland bouquets
Catering: Marco Pfleider
Decoration: Laura Nötzli by Beautiful space
Papeterie: own creation
Event coordination: Self is the bride and groom