6 Tips to Save on Your Wedding Organisation

Are you thinking of getting married? Married? I would like to know what the costs of a wedding? Then we will show you here what the largest expense is and how lower costs without sacrificing service.

6 Tips to Save on Your Wedding Organisation

Everyone knows that a wedding is a dream very cheap, quite the contrary, it is synonymous with spending, and depending on the type of marriage, many expenses. Since the world is world, expenses can and should be split between the two families, of course, if they have conditions for this, since it’s a very special moment for both parties.
The traditional, what is usually done is that the bride’s parents arquem with trousseau and the party, while the groom’s family with the cost of new housing and the honeymoon. However, today things have changed, and we can already see around the bride and groom invited everyone, including even their parents! Because today women usually work, women are marrying later, often after they have already been living together and everything. But the point is, after all, the wedding is the bride and groom!

First one must be realistic with the financial issues, the ideal is to plan the wedding thinking always on how to the same, without getting stuck to debts for years. Worth even more to shame, in addition to being super stylish, make a nice cake and champagne after the ceremony and enjoy life in newlyweds without loose ends, offering a luxurious feast, if debt with parties, usually expensive, getting full of debts at the beginning of your life together.

However, marry right to buffet and everything else is your dream, be aware that the greatest costs to perform a wedding are reversed even for that item, the buffet, and for photography and filming. It is necessary, therefore, that the bride and groom arrive to a consensus on what is priority, if the ideal is to invest more in photos, footage, anyway … particular options, which the choice should fit not to anyone else, beyond the couple.

On average, for 150 people out around R$ the R$ 150.00 100.00 per guest, including everything that is related to the party and ceremony.

Tips to save on wedding costs:

1-Ring– take into account small changes in the type of metal or in karats, which can dramatically alter the cost of a piece of jewelry. The price of a Tiffany Solitaire, dream of many girls, can fall from 164 000 to 9 800 reais, but you can also buy a pair of Platinum Rings for 8 810 reais. The yellow gold cost 4940 real a pair. The silver, 1 720 real. If you don’t want to invest in a piece of jewelry from the outside, the house Vasconcellos, in Jardim Paulista sells a pair of rings of gold by 800 real. With over 400 real, one of them comes with a brilliant little.

2-Invitations– small changes can make a big difference, for example, change the Emboss for more simple prints. American relief is cool and, on average, 40% cheaper. Prefer national paper of good quality, which cost about 100 Pack 4 real leaves, against almost real imported 7. And more, choose an existing invitation model in the catalogue of the supplier, is to create a new mold, spent only that between 200 and 300 real. And this little rule important and almost always forgotten, print a 10% higher amount of invitations to have a reservation. There is always the risk of forgetting someone, and printing a few units cost more. It’s worth knowing that the classics or flowers in the envelopes cost 2 real (unit value) and the Gothic, five times more.

3-wedding gown– surely the dream of 99 between 99% of women are married with a custom-made model, priced from 15000 real, however, it is worth knowing that betting on a ready model decreases the account for a third of the value. and for those who do not cling to the details, there is the option to rent the dress, when the first rent (in the case of the bride have made a dress and then returned to the store) for about 6000 real and if you walk down the aisle with one that has already been used, costs still half that amount. Another way to cheapen the bra and lingerie is to be French American income according to http://www.usvsukenglish.com/. The French metro, for purchases in large quantities, costs from 500 real spend, on average, 7 metres in a dress. The American option starts at 200 real. Or tra’s option instead of 100% silk fabric, bet on variations that lead polyester. But beware of the proportion: 70% silk is minimal.

4-Veil-to spare, the tip is to use tulle with enough volume, which covers well the place of income in this case.

5-wreaths, crowns and tiaras -replace with natural or artificial flowers well, but if you do matter of wreath, rent it, prices range from 200 to 4000 dollars.

6 – Jewelry– don’t be afraid to use the family, as well as chic, the pieces carry a story. Wants most romantic thing than that?