6 Interior Design Tips for Decorating Your New Home

In addition to the enthusiasm for starting a new life with the person you love, one of the most exciting of getting married is preparing and decorating your love nest, alias: your new home. If you are already living together before the wedding, marriage-and all the gifts that will be the perfect opportunity for renewal. But where to start? How to make trendy décor and lasting?

Take advantage of that you have a blank canvas in front of you and it is your chance to print its essence and personality in this shared space. But to achieve this successfully, we asked soul & mater experts their advice so that the results are impeccable.

1. Invest in the custom furniture

Many people have the misconception that having the custom furniture is much more expensive and not even to give the opportunity to investigate and make contributions. Take the time to send them to do much more special and unique atmosphere to your wedding home, which will give a touch that fits your needs and will allow you to have more functionality.

2. Accesoriza and renew

Renew your spaces using accessories. If fashion is constantly changing, why not also renewing your spaces? The ideal way is to do it with accessories. This will allow you to have one touch ultratrendy that all your friends will talk about. Tip: pineapples and cacti are a must in accessories that you must have this season.

3. Plants indoors

This is a great trend and more, better! Give it an extra twist cool hanging them in pots. It will give you movement and depth to your spaces, in addition, your plants will look incredible.

4. Pink is the new black

Pink copper is the metal most trendy currently for its visual appeal. Use in accessories around your house. Insurance that will give to talk about.

5. Mix & match

To achieve a minimalist style but with much punch, we recommend mixing different textures on a same color range. Clear or neutral colors help to create a space of relaxation, amplitude and cleaning, while the dark help you give depth and create a statement.

6. Pieces with a cause

Our artistic and sustainable beyond being a fad, is a way to buy that is here to stay. The value of a handmade piece is unique and more when it comes to product design and high quality. For example, Mifuko was able to combine Nordic design with traditional weaving techniques in Kenya. Created by communities of women in Kenya, the kiondo baskets are different, versatile and multi functional. You decide how to use them: in the kitchen, in the family room, in the dining room or outdoors.