5 Ideas for Cheap Wedding Reception

Save the day and arrange a fairytale wedding? It is possible and even easy with advice from PaulDigo.

How much does it cost to get married? Unfortunately a lot and that’s one of the reasons why the wedding receptions are increasingly sharp decline. To organize a wedding, it takes relevant figures, to three zeros. According to some data, Istat, the Italian couples to achieve the dream of Yes in style are willing to spend between 15 thousand and 55 thousand euros for 100 guests around. In this time of crisis, are really exorbitant numbers.

How to do it? No need to give up to the wedding. You must obviously set aside in small nest egg and then resort to tricks to cut costs. You can save at least a 30 percent while avoiding unnecessary quantities. Marriage is the feast of love, certainly not pomp and exaggeration. It is not rhetoric, it’s just a different perspective with which to view the organization.

So here are 5 ideas for receipt of low cost routes:

  1. Marry off season with seasonal flowers.Everyone wants to celebrate in the summer, but amarriage in winter or autumn is not too romantic? Obviously Yes. November, December, January and February are the cheapest months. For the decorations, choose seasonal flowers: poinsettias, pine branches coloured, pumpkins, Ivy, Erika, etc.
  2. Brunch or afternoon snack.Forget those wedding receptions from 20 courses. The guests are not turkeys and not come to celebrate to scrounge a meal. A nice snack in the garden (if yours is better) can be a wonderful opportunity and casual to toast the bride and groom.
  3. Social lunch.What does that mean? You married couples make available the location and provide the drinks, the guests are involved in bringing the food. Everyone has to cook a dish and satisfy their needs. Everything, then, must be shared. Will be a buffet improvised, but definitely yummy.
  4. Vintage wedding dress.It is very fashionable to retrieve period clothes, maybe even mum or Grandma. If you have a trusted dressmaker, you might quietly let you adapt spending practically zero. If not go in any boutique. There are 500/1000 euro divine dresses.
  5. DIY Photo Album.The photographer has a considerable weight on the budget of marriage, which is why you could not sign him and ask a friend with a good camera to take pictures. Then you will take your friends ‘ photos taken with digital or mobile phone, the official ones and you can create an album very funny and spontaneous.