25 Steps That Every Woman Goes after Accepting the Engagement Request

A long and fun course waiting for you until arrival at the altar.

The dream “YES” was said with many kisses and tears, but now is the moment of truth: the run-run infinity in search of the perfect wedding reception. Get ready to go through the pains and the delights that you, dear little bride, will face on the big day.

25 Steps That Every Woman Goes after Accepting the Engagement Request

1. Once Said Yes, the Time Has Come to Tell the Family

After much excitement, it is a call to mom, aunt, grandma …

2. And Her Friends

In other words, more calls and meetings going on show that you are worn the little ring and become the beloved.

3. Where to Start?

The melee to warn everyone that the marriage is over and now it gets serious: how, when and where to start?

4. Hello, Technology

Pinterest, online lists and wedding apps start to make a lot of sense.

5. Church, Beach or Country?

Bells ringing x noise x sea taste.

6. How Many Guests?

At first, the party is just for short. In the end, the list will appear that never will come to an end.

7. The Choice of Godparents

Let’s start the countdown: the best friend, the second and the third, the press, maybe an aunt.

8. Maid of Honor

If you have a child in the family, bingo! Or that couple’s cute pet animal, worth too!

9. Date and Time of the Wedding

Okay, the location of the wedding is arranged, but now the question “will be that it will be available on the date and time that we choose?”. A second (and even third) option is welcome. After all, something maybe will …

10. Wedding Invitations

Number of guests, sponsors, scheduled date and location? It’s time to spread the news to all and seal right away only with the wedding invitation!

11. List of Gifts for the Bride and Groom

First step: list the shops for all tastes & pockets.
Step two: send the lists of the sites chosen and attached, along with the wedding invitation, the names of the stores.

12. Kitchen Tea

One of the most entertaining moments in this way! Clube da Luluzinha feelings: a shower with only women or all together in a tea bar? Well, the fact is that, in both parties, the little bride or couple must guess what the gifts and who gave what. And if you can’t guess, creativity can roll loose: pay, worth painting her face …

13. Choose the Cake

This is the good part which no one wants to be left out! A break in a hurry to choose the perfect cake is always very welcome, anyway to do this, you need to try them (yum!).

14. Choice of Dress

The first doubt: long or short dresses. Is such a try here, try there and Yes little bride, you can book a few days just to go in search of the perfect dress (enjoy and discover the ideal dress for your body). And there’s more easily! With the helping hand of our beloved technology gives up to choose your wedding dress on the Internet!

15. Makeup

A world of color, mode ON.

16. Hair

Makeup tested & approved? Then it’s time to set your hairstyle. Loose or tied up? Will bet the curls or smooth?

17. Accessories

Entering the tiny sparkles that will make up your look (that heirloom is super valid too!)

18. Bouquets

Bouquet in action! Choose the composition of favorite flowers is not easy.

19. Local Decoration

How will the cake table? The path to the altar? The decor definitely will take almost all their attention. Not to mention, photographers, music for the party, to the main entrance.

20. Wedding Day

The day is all yours! It’s time to relax MUCH after all the tension involved in the preparations and prepare for the dream that will come true.

21. Honeymoon

Left, travel? Is national or international destination, the important thing is to enjoy sooo beside the husband was.

22. Second Party Dress

It’s always nice to have a second option for the party. After all, it can be difficult to greet the guests, dancing and walking to and fro with a long dress.

23. Make the Most of the Wedding

One more moment total relaxation! It’s time to talk to the family, laugh, dance and enjoy a lot of the wedding that was just hit.

24. Lingerie for Wedding Night

The end of the party arrives for the guests, but not for the couple. The first night as husband and wife should be unforgettable. And your underwear should be number one wonderful.

25. Finally, Married

He said yes. You said yes. And now it’s a fact: you are casadíssimos ♥