11 Things That You Can Not Choose a Wedding to Be The Perfect Guest

Be the perfect guest it becomes the most difficult task for many of you. It is the day of the wedding, but invited paper has also its complexity and more on Comanche territory: many more girls (mostly friends) to be arranged maybe that can be the center of attention. Put the batteries and follow these eleven basic rules.

Dress pattern of Zara, no thanks

If you don’t want to repeat with more than one dozen of guests do not look at any printed design of any firm “the cost” but if it is of Zara a lot less, since it is the store of cheap prices that most stands at weddings, christenings and communions.

Already no need to cover the shoes and the bag with the same fabric

There are still ladies who are still keeping a good piece of the fabric of the dress to take to cover shoes and bag in the same tone. This not only is old, but it already it is not. Now not is it the style or lining fabric accessories and carry the same tone on both.

Don’t get watch

The Protocol says that the ceremonies must not wear watch. I understand that maybe you can not spend a day without it, but please don’t take rubber watch or gilding size maxi that you gave at Kings.

If you can, avoid the monkeys

Has become in the more complicated garment and that it is more quoted at weddings, baptisms and communions of this year. It is very difficult that it becomes you and above all it is very hard to disagree with many more guests, all are keen to take a monkey of a solid color but almost all carry the same pattern.

Be careful with stockings

If you have purchased a dress plain or spring color please don’t get bushy black stockings pure winter, There is nothing worse. Choose one of just you note or you get a Tan tone.

Or earrings or necklace

This season they are very fashionable earrings and necklaces of large sizes and cheerful colors. According to the dress, you decide whether you better add a pair of earrings or a necklace but that not passes you by the head put you two things, you’ll look like a bust of exhibition.

Heels that do not allow you to move

Heels help a lot and create a beautiful silhouette but if there is something unsightly It is to see someone who carries some high heel shoes so high that even allow you to walk like a normal staff. You will be the center of attention but not precisely for being the most elegant.

Fascinators and hats if, but at noon

The hats and headdresses, always carefully and choosing parts that favor, are phenomenal. But you’re not of those who have so much enthusiasm for putting something on the head not looking the ceremony schedule. Only at noon please.

Goodbye to the pronounced cleavages

We know that a wedding comes another wedding but for that it is not necessary to cut the length or the neckline of the dress. Too pronounced necklines are not elegant and less for a religious ceremony in which, no doubt, give the song.

Makeup, but not you costume

With makeup and hairstyling you must be careful, not you costume to not look like you, but trying to help these techniques to enhance your beauty and above all to be pretty.

White, leave it to the bride

If you’re the typical girl that you have a wedding in September and you’ve spent all summer bronzing you to be more Moray place not choose a white dress to give it, that is reserved only for the bride. Let it shine.